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This post contains spoilers for Love, Death + Robots.

Picture it: A dystopic future where the society as we know it has crumbled due to overpopulation. A police force has been created to eradicate any traces of children left in the world. Parents, or “breeders,” found harboring children are prosecuted. To further encourage restriction of the population, biomedical advances have made immortality possible through regular “rejoo” treatments. The catch? People on these treatments can no longer procreate.

This is the world imagined in episode three of Netflix’s anthology series Love, Death + Robots, entitled “Pop Squad.” The…

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This post contains spoilers for The Circle.

As a Black woman who has been watching reality TV since childhood, I have become astute at determining a show’s intentions with women and BIPOC cast members. Even as our favorite reality competition shows incorporate more “diverse” casting, the messaging viewers are given about marginalized players has remained mostly unevolved. This is doubly true for Black women on these programs.

Thus, when I began watching the second season of The Circle, I was disappointed to see that the show seemed to magnify its own deep-seated assumptions about Black womanhood. Namely…

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I grew up in a TV household. When the chatter of school and outside play wrapped for the day, I had a watchlist of late afternoon and primetime television to unwind. I was doomed from the start in this department, as watching TV was pretty much all I saw my parents do for leisure. While we made a point to eat dinner together on Sundays, any other day of the week we could all be found eating dinner in front of our respective TVs . …

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For about two decades, the Animal Crossing series was a sleeper hit. Beloved by loyal players but never really ascending to mainstream popularity, the game existed for most of its history as a cute cult favorite for Nintendo gamers.

Until this year.

Released in March 2020 — just one week after COVID-19 earned “pandemic” status — the latest installment in the series, Animal Crossing: New Horizons began sweeping the world quickly. It follows the same basic premise as the previous games. As with any sequel, it featured a new setting and updated mechanics, but other than that, it is a…

This article contains spoilers for the season one finale of Euphoria.

When we watch TV, no matter what the genre, we expect things to move quickly. Frantic cuts from one person to the next, quippy or cutting dialogue intended to convey plot, tension, and character development. The show’s editing gives you only the important bits of a specific period of time, and then we are on to the next scene of exposition. At the very least, you expect an episode of TV to cover about 24–36 hours. …

I felt many emotions after finishing The Last of Us Part II a couple of weeks ago. Chief among them, accomplishment, for having beat the game before my husband 😈 But less petty than that: disgust, despair, dissonance. TLOU2 was overall a gruesomely violent game that, at various points, became too heart-wrenching to continue. I had dreams about this game because the violent and apocalyptic imagery were so vivid. Love it or hate it, it is undoubtedly a fantastical beast of a game. …

Allyssa Capri

Your (mostly) friendly neighborhood Black albino writer friend. Deciphering what media means to us culturally and socially since the days of Sailor Moon.

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